When is it time for a new roof?

Your roof on your home is a huge investment, home owners need to  confer with a home improvement professional they can trust. If you don’t know someone you can trust, ask a friend, ask the BBB, check on reviews of qualified roofing companies. Now with all that being said. Knowledge is power, and lets talk about some things that can affect a roof, and examine possible soltuions.

  • Algae growth, discoloration-In most cases, this is not a sign of anything more serious than what it seems, unsightly shingles. This can generally be remedied by a professional roof cleaning.
  • Damaged roof flashing-Generally this can be kept to a roof repair. Time is critical though.
  • Buckling shingles-Their are multiple causes and the depth of the damage would need to analyzed by a professional roofing company
  • Granules are coming loose from shingles- This may be a sign that your aged shingles are ready for replacement or you could have hail damage.
  • Wet ceiling spots-The causes of a leaky roof can be numerous, but if the damage is caught quickly, generally a repair can extend the life of your roof.
  • Blown shingles- You may have improperly fastened shingles or wind damage. If your blown shingles are the cause of storm damage, your homeowners insurance may cover some of the roof replacement costs.

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